Summer Internships

Summer Internship information will be added soon.  Please check back for information regarding the 2021-2022 summer internship program. 

In order to qualify for a summer internship you must:

1. Be a current Junior or Senior

2. Have a valid Driver's License or ID

3. Have access to reliable transportation

4. Have a checking account in YOUR NAME before starting work.

5. Have a resume, please see Mr. Jones if you need any assistance.

6. After applying you MUST attend Mock Interviews, a date and time will be provided.

2021 Internship Timeline

February 19: Job Descriptions Posted on School Website
Feb. 22-Mar. 5: Online Application is open to students
Mar. 8-12: Internship Parent/Student Informational Meeting
Mar. 15-19: Student Professional Business Training Seminar
March 24: Community Mock Interviews
Mar. 29- Apr. 16: Interview with potential employer (you will receive your interview date & time from Mr. Jones if the employer chooses to interview you)
April 23:  You will know if you are chosen for the internship (Mr. Jones will contact you)
May 7: Internship Connect Day for those students chosen for an internship
June 7-July 2: Internship Work Days

How Do I Apply?

1. Read the job descriptions of jobs that are currently available and decide if the position is right for you. (These are located to the right-->)

2. Prepare your resume before applying.  If you need help with your resume, check out the resources posted below! Type up a rough draft resume, and then send it to for review.  You can also stop by the Aviation Building and see Mr. Jones for more help.

3. Click the Job Application button link below to fill out your application and attach your resume.  You can apply for more than one position!

4. Start preparing for your mock interview.  Check out the resources below on how to dress for a job interview and also some common questions that interviewers might ask you.

Here are some other requirements for internship application:

- Must be a current Junior or Senior
- Have a valid Drivers License or State ID
- Must have access to reliable transportation
- Must have a checking account in YOUR name before work start date


The STEP Summer Internship Program is a summer youth internship opportunity for young adults. To learn more about this program and to apply, click on the picture below.
STEPS Program

Resume Resources


Preparing for Interview

Summer Internship

Summer Internship

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the application process, or if you are an employer interested in hosting a summer intern, please contact:

Sylvester Jones, Academy Specialist or 251-221-3233