Ben C. Rain High School Academy of Leadership is part of the Army Junior Reserved Officer's Training Corps (JROTC).  Students enrolled in the Leadership Academy will develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and independence through a rigorous curriculum that will prepare students to be College and Career Ready.  JROTC activities help students develop their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

 JROTC course of study has a high correlation to ACT and common core standards.  The curriculum is based on a systematic progression of learning that is designed for students at each level.  The scope, focus, and content of the instruction are sequential.  The curriculum is reflective and builds upon the previous semester curriculum.  In addition to the curriculum offered, emphasis is placed on citizenship and leadership.  The curriculum incorporates health/wellness, Basic First Aid, CPR, Drug Abuse Prevention, Presidential Physical Fitness Program, American History, Techniques of communications, Safety, Human Relations, Technology Awareness and career opportunities. 

JROTC 1 (A & B)

This course is designed to develop knowledge of basic military skills, responsiveness to constituted authority, the Spirit of American Citizenship, and Army JROTC. Content includes written and oral communication, leadership theory, physical fitness, hygiene and first aid, and map reading.

Prerequisite: Must have Senior Army Instructor approval

JROTC 2 (A & B)

This course is designed to develop an understanding of leadership traits and principles, citizenship, oral communication, physical fitness, health/wellness including drug prevention and CPR, motivational techniques such as "Unlocking Your Potential" and an awareness of military history.

JROTC 3 (A & B)

This course is designed to develop an understanding of leadership techniques, oral and written communications, American military history, physical fitness, and a practical application of basic first aid measures including the prevention and treatment of snakebites, hot and cold weather injuries.

JROTC 4 (A & B)

This course is designed to develop proficiency in health/wellness and CPR techniques, and an appreciation for self- awareness techniques ("Winning Colors"), modern technologies, career opportunities, and role of the U.S. Army, military history, and physical fitness.

Classes must be taken in sequential order.

Student enrolled in the Leadership Academy must take a course in the Fall and Spring semester.